AUD210 Week 3 Blog Alex on the Audient B


Next was Alex my group partner for this project.


Trance music is his thing finishing a diploma in EDM. This meant he had no experience in the Audients at all. Just a hour or two to actually figure it all out.

p-4149-asp_0752 Audient 4816

We both had decided that we could help each other create our own singles for this project. I could help him work the Audient and get to know the ins and outs of it all. Hopefully afterwards he could create his recordings and not require any assistance. For my self he could help with the EDM side of things.

For Alex I walked him through the Audient setup and showed him how to turn it on get a recording track up on Pro tools and set up the live room. I got 3 mics together the same setup I would use for Bianca’s vocals. One Nt-2-a set on cardioid one Nt-1-A and an audio technica ribbon mic.


I used the Nt-2-A to catch the Alex’s diggeridoo and the others as room mics. He had a great crack at it and it was picked nicely by all 3 mics. I made sure to keep them on the hot side to use as extras on stereo tracking or for anything else he could conceive.

Next I suggested he have a crack at a bit of bass guitar doing the same thing we do. Alex knew he could grab out some of the Bass licks and turn them into a sample for some of his work.


That was it, all recorded and saved, Alex had enough to start arranging.


Author: benschulzeblog

Audio student at SAE Brisbane

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