AUD 210 Week 4 Laying down in time vocals.


After locking down the scratch track. Knowing what we wanted to create. We headed back into the studio to get the lyrics down in time with the boom midi we had tweaked a little since week 3. Now knowing how to properly fit the lyrics around better drums with a bit more accent learning the bar count when to come in on the beat.

This time I set up up all three mics remembering Rose’s technique to get rid of the hiss and ss’s by side micing. I used the Nt-2a on cardioid with a pop filter. A Nt-1a on the left and a audio technica ribbon mic on the right.

Then I worked on the levels getting as hot as I could on all 3 and started getting takes. It didn’t take too long to find a good take over the entire song that we both liked.



week 4 screenshot of vox


After a few takes we got something we both felt confident in using. I then stated playing around with the fit and using different plugins to help song fit on the page. With a rough take to showed Peter Trimbacher my teacher for AUD210.



Author: benschulzeblog

Audio student at SAE Brisbane

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