AUD 210 Week 5 Peter’s feedback plus extra effects.

Week five studio consisted fixing some the vocals in melodyne. Peter suggested adding vox effects to the lyrics to get a better fit but it work for me. I did want to really hide Bianca’s voice or start to muddy her down with distortion for this song. It didn’t feel right. The option was melodyne and fix her voice to a auto pitch.



I had been told before normal lyrics for editing are about 8 hours. As soon as Bianca started hearing it she got very over it. So I worked on the beginning notes she sang and raised her key. That worked well but I had a idea for a while to have a shot at a reverse reverb like the The Prodigy had done on Keith’s voice in Firestarter.



To get this effect I used Space. Which for me had only just became available in pro tool subscription. I had been having a lot of trouble getting it for a while however after updating everything I could get the magic to work. I had only one class on it, but good fun finding a reverb in reverse that worked.




Author: benschulzeblog

Audio student at SAE Brisbane

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