AUD 210 Track teardown Tricky’s Hell is around the corner.



Black Steel
Hell Is Round The Corner
Abbaon Fat Tracks
Brand New You’re Retro
Suffocated Love
You Don’t
Feed Me



“Hell Is Round The Corner”

I stand firm for our soil
Lick a rock on foil
So they juice me, seduce me
Dress me up in Stussy

Hell is ’round the corner where I shelter
Isms and schisms
We’re living helter skelter
If you believe or deceive
Common sense says you shouldn’t receive
Let me take you down the corridors of my life
And when you walk, do you walk to your preference
No need to answer ’til
I take further evidence
I seem to need a reference to get residence
A reference to your preference to say
I’m a good neighbour, I trudge
So judge me for my labour
Lobotomy ensures my good behavior
The constant struggle ensures my insanity
Passing the evenings ensures the struggle for my family
We’re hungry, beware of our appetite
Distant drums bring the news of a kill tonight
The kill which I share with my passengers
We take our fill, take our fill, take our fill

I stand firm for our soil
Lick a rock on foil
So they juice me, seduce me
Dress me up in Stussy

Confused by different memories
Details of Asian remedies
Of what’s become of enemies
My brain thinks bomb-like
So I listen he’s a calm type
As I grow
And as I grow, I grow collective
Before the move sit on the perspective
Mr. kray in the crevice
And watches from the precipice
Imperial passage
Heat from the sun somedays slowly passes
Until then, you have to live with yourself
Until then, you have to live with yourself

I stand firm for our soil
Lick a rock on foil
So they juice me, seduce me
Dress me up in Stussy

Hell is ’round the corner where I shelter
Isms and schisms
We’re living helter skelter
If you believe and deceive
Your common sense says you will receive
Let me take you down the corridors

My brain thinks bomb-like
My brain thinks bomb-like, bomb-like, bomb-like
My brain thinks
Beware of our appetite





“Hell Is Round The Corner”, a  duet between Tricky and Martina Topley-Bird. Co produced by Tricky and Mark Saunders.



This song gives me the impression of 1960’s James bond meeting trip hop. Laid back a clean bass and drums set in a 1960’s style James Bond classic meeting elements of trip hop.

The lyrics to me, set in this piece represent a warning of a time coming. A refection of society speeding through a life completely oblivious of where we are heading. Tricky noticing how this journey is effecting our souls which seem to play no part in our journey speeding through life unknowing how much we are effected by our emotional state.


Breakdown of Instruments Critical listening

Tricky’s home studio put together by Island Records for recording Maxinquaye.

s1000_kb Akai S1000 sampler

4cee904a20fae6041e9c6e2f19bea96e  Atari 1040 computer with Logic software


mackie-1604-vlz-pro-447  a Mackie 1604 mixing desk.


Alesis-HD24 Alesis ADAT HD24

composer-proBehringer Composer compressor


C3000B  AKG C3000 microphone


Tricky Hell is Around the Corner

Using tap tempo. The Bpm of the track is is 120.

The general rundown of the Instruments used on this track.

Quoted from SOS on Mark working with Tricky.

“”You see, Tricky’s genius is just being Tricky, and I couldn’t make a Tricky record without him because I wouldn’t have ever tried those things. To be honest, he had no idea of pitch whatsoever, and also not much regard for any kind of timing. He really couldn’t get the concept of four-bar, eight-bar, 12-bar sections; that stuff meant nothing to him. But at the same time he also thought differently to anybody I’ve ever known. When I was asked to match together bits of two songs that were in totally different keys and 30 bpm apart, it didn’t occur to me that by de-tuning one to slow it down, both might then gel musically at that point.”


Bass guitar

Is clean with no distortion, reverb or any other effects. Just a warm bass finger plucked holds the melody throughout the whole song  referring to different bass online it could easily be a Fender Precision.


Moving onto drums sound clean missing the kick. The snare is the focus with a closed high hat in the background keeping the melody with the bass. The drums again have no special effects no reverb or distortion added.

Moving onto effects The drums are assisted with a kick and snare which has been treated with reverb with added bass boosted on eq. and removed higher frequencies.

Below is my recreation of these effects.


My recreation of an effect is used on the whole track giving the effect of being played on the grammar phone.


A sample at the very beginning used to set up the melody is a heart beat is used to start the song along with a delicate synth beat.

Violin playing a sample or replicating violin scene music from classic 1960’s James Bond films.

Piano clean used in the background always playing higher notes.

Synth is used in conjunction with the piano and the violin to create

Snow noise similar to the noise on an old television or a transceiver (walky talky).

A treble guitar is used near the end of the song gently strummed. Very metallic in it sound.




Richard Buskin. June 2007. Classic Tracks: Tricky ‘Black Steel’

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