AUD 210 Project 1 into Project 2


For my second project I choose to do a music video using my audio assets from project 1.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.42.19 am

I was lucky enough to get onto film students at SAE to help create it. I would help them for a weekend and they would help me for a day.

I would be first helping them with their work. We started on a Saturday doing car shots of me driving in and out of a driveway. After 2 days at 2 different locations that was a rap. Jed and his film crew had enough footage to use.

Week 10 was our turn. Both Bianca and myself  had an idea of creating a backdrop for the video. I got to work creating it by looking through you tube to find footage that would be able to fit. After getting to know windows video editing in Movie maker I got together a nice looking storyline to fit as our backdrop. Since weeks had passed recording Jed’s teamwork project I needed to get onto it. The end of week 9 I had it finished.

Sound down for this. Just the video I had no time to strip the audio.

Next came the shoot. We had booked to shoot the video in the void. However at the last minute our booking was thrown out due to the Abelton 10 launch. This ment no more large space and no more projector. However on talking to Jed we managed to grab the film studio and disconnect a projector from one of the classrooms thereby saving the shoot, and in hindsight the film would not have worked without it.

The whole reason for the backdrop was to use as  an art piece in the background to cover any problems with staring at us for 2 minutes in the film shoot. With the help of some Mac Guyvering using a ladder some little gravestone set pieces and cable ties we set up the projector and shot the backdrop in the right area. With the help of the classroom studio speakers we could play the music and start syncing our playing to the music.

We started playing through, taking footage from 3 separate angles. First to the right, straight ahead, on the dolly and last was the GoPro, that was a rap. We packed up everything and left it in the capable hands of Justin their designated editor. I talked with Jed and the crew and we kept in contact making a date for the final product in week 13 due to their work commitments.

Looking back at that decision I would have just taken the footage that Saturday and done the editing myself. We had already studied a little with pro tools for sound effects, and knowing how the first edit came out I would have taken over at that stage. I feel the footage came out really well, but editing was terrible. Without really being their was always going to be an issue in hindsight.

Below is a small selection of all the camera angles.


I am not happy enough to release the first edit on this blog. Once i have had a shot at the editing I will place a copy here and on my blog and website.













Author: benschulzeblog

Audio student at SAE Brisbane

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