AUD 210 Research on wavetable synthesis.


Wavetable synthesis is technique that uses single cycle waveform that certain digital synthesizers can play on loop to produce a continuous tone musical notes. How fast they are played back determines the pitch and frequency.  Wavetable synthesis can be thought of sampling but with intentions of quickly morphing the cycles together. First invented by Wolfgang Palm in the late 1970’s. The waveform of a single note is sampled then analysed to be added to a sequence of tables of samples each table having one cycle of the waveform. These waveform can be altered and fetched by the user in the same way someone using a numerically-controlled oscillator. However, unlike a oscillator the wavetable waveform is not static and will evolve over due to one wavetable mixing with another.

“Wavetable synthesizers imitate dynamic filters and other computationally expensive synthesis steps by rapidly playing successive wavetables (each with a different waveform stored therein) in sequence. If each waveform is a little duller (or brighter) than the previous, a moving filter effect can be imitated.”


In the beginning

Before the common place plugin on the old laptop their was this!



Looks super easy, portable and fun. The above image is the PPG Waveterm this is what was needed for real time playback of your edited wavetable. You could buy pre-computed wavetables adding by memory card. Maybe they meant one of these bad boys.


There is even a thread for all you PPG Waveterm questions.

Some music by “The System” using the PPGWaveterm



Examples of plugin wavetable synthesizers include of today making it a little more easy for all of us.


By far one of the most user friendly and popular at the moment.




Don’t know much about, this nice lookin Abelton plugin.




A blast from the past my first DAW Cakewalk. I didn’t really know much about what I could really be doing with this. It looked insane.

maxresdefault (1)




Unknown Author. 2010 . Retrieved from






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