AUS 220 Project Pitch

For the first project for audio studio 2, I will be embarking on the sound for film project.  I will use the following clip from the minuscule series of short animated films.

Since I will be doing this alone I will use 30 seconds of the above clip. The sounds I will require and use will be my own replicas of the sounds present in the clip.

With the addition of a sound track to accompany the clip. I will use a similar set up which we got familiar with in class on the Monty Python sketch sound replacement prac. Using a H4N/H6N with a Rode NTG2

Foley Sounds needed for project.

Atmospheric sounds background birds etc.  Captured around campus

The fly in the glass flying.

The fly rubbing its hands.  Captured studio paper rubbing/wooden blocks

The fly giggling. Captured either vox or instrumental sound.

Glass noises when the spider is tapping. Captured in studio tapping a glass with wooden sticks.

Spider legs. Captured in studio with chop sticks on different surfaces.

Spider looks. Captured in studio of sample from movie.

Spider grappling. Captured in studio vox effects.

Spider dialogue. Captured in in studio vox.

Fly dialogue. Captured in studio vox.

Narration. Captured in studio vox.

Background track. Created or sampled in studio.

All Foley recorded will be edited in Pro Tools using the highest quality I can capture up to 24 bit 96 KHz for the zoom.