CIU 211


CIU 211 Dialectical Inquiry Class, Capital and Consumption


For my discussion topic I shall be talking about class, capital and consumption. My argument, our lives however far away from Communism have been affected in a positive way by it existence.

First off, the definitions of each of these words. I have seen them a million times tried to avoid the first word “Class” with my own beliefs, growing up poor in a single parent household always gave me a very large shove to achieve and chase my dream which was possible in my mind because I believed as my mother believed in the American dream. That based on my ability is how this country judged me. Not any other form of control was keeping me poor.

The Definition of class. “a system of ordering society whereby people are divided into sets based on perceived social or economic status.”

Why do we have words like this alongside the American Dream aka Australian dream many peoples dreams in our society, The Western system. I always thought it applied to more my parents than to the newer generations of us an old relic of judgments no longer applicable.

The next word capital “wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available for a purpose such as starting a company or investing.”

For the dreamers in our western  society the next step, get onto it you’re going to need a lot of it to have that dream. Education and finance is the key you need to be the best, you have to, there aren’t enough jobs out there. I mean yeah sure there is, you know, supermarket jobs, forklift jobs, truck driving jobs, that’s why we are here today. Gotta get that cool low wage insane hours look going on.

Lastly consumption ”a wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis.” What does that mean in this context. My lungs are going to fill up with awesome which actually kills me? How does my achievable dreams read like a toxic symbol?

As from our learning material which quotes Clive Hamilton an Australian public intellectual as saying consumption  “defines it as “the bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses.

Form my class perspective that reads like warning label. That a middle class person who has the time to actually worry about other people’s bullshit rather than just worrying about food on a table, forecloser  and trying to better one’s self before I lose my health and die in a hole.

Ok, instead of just flippin the bird to the people who consider me inferior, working my arse off, because of this class I was born into. I have stop for a brief moment and look at what these words mean to me. Does anyone else notice my life similarities or am i unique and got a little kitsch!

Playing the you tube tutorial on Marxism and doing a bit of research I noticed he and his co-author Friedrich Engels explained the symptoms I had run into during all of my life. What communism meant to them was vastly different to the world around me during my upbringing.

What I had heard about Communism. Almost total obliteration of the human species. Feeling as a child this war would wipe out all life in the northern hemisphere and we as people in Adelaide would be a target with Pine Gap the US spy base to our north. The Soviet a devout hardened solider who would stop at nothing to enslave me in a dictatorship similar to Nazi Germany. Push repeat in all media.

Before my life had unfolded, learning with my time spent in this place with a very abusive family knowing pure evil can come out of the mouths of the ones we treasure the most for power and money I am ready to look and not blow it off with a head full of other people’s words.

What did Karl Marx do. They used historical materialism instead of what could have been properganda.  Similar to Audio Studio 2 genre analysis using the people who played the songs to tell history’s story rather than the victor of it, as Winston Churchill once said. Meaning the people of the winning system I live in may have told their side of the story rather than myself ever telling it.

A mines a mine a factory is a factory.  The ratio of worker to employer wage has remained unchanged. This is the data Karl and Friedrich used. This is your class system this has to exist in the capitalist system.

They said the class system maybe a little corrupt and a little shitty saying your born a little bit like a slave.

Next they said under a communist system everyone gives according to their abilities and takes according to their needs.

Ability “talent, skill, or proficiency in a particular area” which to me for communism to makes sense would mean my dream.

This would be the part were I am examining a system of govenment not the government itself hence my replacements for social justice not what others have not done. I personally feel we live in a system were we the people feel safest otherwise we would have voted a new system in already.

Needs “require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.” which for me I am going to insert shelter in the form of a house, and health care.

That would be for me the Pulp Fiction’s $5 shake. I am pretty happy with that. I look at the cold war and kinda wonder why I would want to fight that.

I notice that the media says a lot of stuff to me but I don’t really see any chance in my standard of living.

In fact since the sting of the Vietnam war and the protests here and in the US showing our countries disgust at ever going to war I have Seen the product of real change.

The backlash pushed the left politicians like Gough Whitlam taking power and implementing what Vladimir Lenin, said socialist steps are the beginning of a communist society.

Gough’s smallish rein being 2 years he managed implement the following.

His government extricated Australia from the Vietnam War and abolished conscription.

Medibank, the precursor to Medicare, was established.

Social welfare reforms included the supporting mother’s benefit and welfare payment for homeless people. Before 1973 only widows were entitled to pension payments, so other women who were raising children alone faced invidious choices. That means Classy talk for hooking.

Equal pay for women: One of the first acts of the Whitlam government was to reopen the National Wage and Equal Pay cases at the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Commission.

The Australian Legal Office and Australian Law Reform Commission were set up.

The death penalty for Commonwealth offences was abolished. Melbourne escapee Ronald Ryan was the last man executed in Australia on February 3, 1967, for shooting a prison guard.

The Family Law Act providing for a national Family Court was enacted, and simplified, non-punitive divorce laws were introduced.

The Whitlam government also established needs-based funding for schools. Which for the first time led to the federal government providing funding to state schools.

A free university education was briefly available to all Australians. The main beneficiaries were women.

The Australian Assistance Plan to fund regional councils and employment projects continues in the concepts of “social planning” and “community development”.

The Whitlam government reduced the voting age to 18 and provided the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory with representation in the Senate.

The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 conferred rights to equality before the law and bound the Commonwealth and the states to the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination.

The Department of Aboriginal Affairs was set up and the first Commonwealth legislation to grant land rights to indigenous people was drafted. The subsequent Malcolm Fraser government passed the legislation.

Land title deeds were handed to some Gurindji traditional lands owners in the Northern Territory in 1975, a real and symbolic gesture that became a touchstone for the land rights movement.

The Whitlam government also established the National Gallery of Australia, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian Heritage Commission. It introduced FM radio, pushed for the setting up of 2JJ, a radio established to support Australian music and connect with young Australians.

The Australian film industry flowered and the Australian Film and Television School, an idea of a previous Coalition prime minister, John Gorton, was opened.

All I have heard since is take.  You don’t have to look to far to see how much we as students have lost since then.

In summing up my inquiry from the material given to us and further reading I believe it would be bloody shame not to see more socialist change, with steps taken to ensure that what is sold to us, as children, that we are all equal that we all have the same advantage as the next person regardless of circumstance. Is actually the truth and not just lies to feed a machine with their lives.


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