AUS 220 Kicking off

Kicking off this Trimester with Studio 2 we will be doing sound replacement for film/animation.

A little about sound replacement used and Foley used by production giants such as 20th century fox, Universal, Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Metro Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists. Having their own dedicated Foley/ADR studios and engineers. These Foley/ADR artists can travel the world to where ever their studio has infrastructure to create what’s needed on site.

What is Foley

Foley are the sounds created for film which encompass all of the noises made by the actor’s clothing sounds, footsteps etc or the scene itself such as telephones and appliance sounds, fires etc. These are used to replace sounds missed during filming due to weather, traffic noise or planes flying overhead. Anytime its just easier to replace a sound than stay on location.

The next category is ADR again sound replacement but this time for voice. Again used to avoid insertion of foreign noises in period pieces or to fix any part not captured properly