AUS 220 Production Techniques blog No2

Since our team Alex and Ben had separated with team mate Alex stepping out for work prospect’s being used a a human Guinea pig in a medical trial for some study dollars. It was up to me to start getting the Foley needed and any extra sounds required. Since Rose had already read our collective class concousness and had organised studio time I started collecting some of the sounds required. This was pretty straight forward due to the studio being able to run and synch the video with the Foley. My laptop isn’t up to the task when it comes to video. Causing headaches in editing later on . With a pile of samples needing attention and a home on the time line.

After this valuable catch up I took home the H2N and a NTG2 to capture the other sounds at home. I set about turning everything off that I could that made a noise to get the cleanest sound for the recording. I found Foley which I could use with the fly being the hardest. The thought did run across my mind but none where around. Next best thing was me buzzing into a glass.

I then added all the new home Foley which I captured as close as I could playing the video on my laptop whilst making the sounds. Headed back to uni and removed as much noise as I could by cutting the clips up as to only contain the transient with nothing much after it. This worked well apart from one piece of Foley which sounded better with me leaving it alone as a whole clip with background noise than chopping it up into smaller parts with the same background noise stopping and starting. The following video is a little montage of the work done.



The final edit so far is below.