Last Chance Love was conceived in 2008 by my wife Bianca Schulze.

With this Bachelor degree of audio from SAE I hope to for fill my wife’s long term ambition of creating this band and pieces of work which have been the culmination of a lifetime of experiences into our forthcoming albums. We hope you enjoy.




I have been interested in the music industry for long I can remember. My life has taken me to many different places for my career which has encompassed many industries form analytical chemistry, aviation and the mining sector. I like to bring some of the character which i have learnt along the way to the studio in my professionalism from many years making deadlines and seeing different pathways to a rewarding conclusion. I thoroughly enjoy creating the very best music an artist can bring to the table using what the artist has rather than push what the artist doesn’t have into the mix. Producing something that really satisfies the artist leaving the mixing room wanting to create/learn more for the next time.